About Me

Photography is a way to quiet thechatter in my mind and stop time altogether. To walk within my surroundings andfind beauty, in simplicity and the ordinary. A way to grow not only creatively,but as a whole.

I like to take light and darksituations, or things randomly passed by, and challenge myself into making themmoving or thought-provoking. There are moments when completely awake, peoplefeel as though they’re walking in a dream, and I want to show you those momentsthrough my eyes and lens. My goal is to give a visual to the voices of naturewe don’t always choose to listen to.

Every day you can find me searchingout and exploring unfamiliar locations with a camera in hand. It’s where I findmy peace, strength, and bravery.

If one of my photographs havetouched you or made you smile, I consider myself a successful artist.

In seconds, a moment becomeshistory, and the camera is a magnificent tool that can keep them foreverpresent.

Monique Rardin Richardson

Prints are availabe at Etsy and Fine Art America.

Thank you for taking the time to view my collection. May you find beauty in each one of your days...

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